Sunday, September 25, 2005

Battle Royale: International Style vs. Organicism

ARE YOU READY TO RUUUUMMMMBBBBLLLLE? In this corner, wearing the japanese print silk shorts with matching cape, weighing in at 86 pounds.... Frank Lloyd Wrrrrrriiiiiiiiiight! And in this
corner, w
earing nothing but a pair of thick black glasses, weighing in at 94 pounds...LLLLEEEE Corbusieeeer.

Seriously though, the aforementioned architects epitomized the methodologies of the Organic and the International Style. The dispute ,contentious as it was, veiled a basic constructive truth that both men held to , that being the respect of the built environment and the commitment to making life more bearable through architecture. The personification of these ideals can be seen in both men's residential masterpieces of Villa Savoye and the Robie House.

Though stylistically different, the composition of the two houses is remarkably similar. Deep shadows, strong forms protruding from the roof plane, ribbon windows, stong centralized focus, sharp edges, focus on detail, elevated living space, strong site relationship, highly technical material usage with exceptional craftsmanship, simple color palates, and emphasis on function
would start the list of similarities. So basically, put the gloves down boys and give each other a big're on the same team.